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Welcome to Angel's Divine Designs, the home of fabulous handcrafted jewelry.

"Style is a personal statement that varies greatly from individual to individual. Price should never be a hinderance to your style. My line of custom jewelry allows individuals to create a truly personal statement with their jewelry without breaking the pocketbook. There's a unique piece that's just right for every budget, every person, every taste.

"I love to be creative. Jewelry has always been a passion of mine. Creating wearable beaded art is just the most recent outlet for my passion. I hope you enjoy my art as much as I enjoyed creating it. Please be sure to let me know what you think by leaving a message in the guestbook. You can also contact me by email at or by phone at 819-809-5324. "


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The Inspiration:

Angel's Divine Designs uses natural stones, shells, glass and crystal beads along with sterling silver to create fantastic one of a kind pieces of wearable art. Nature is an inspiration and you'll see that in many of Angel's designs.


Quality and Design:

Hand crafted Jewelry has never looked better. Every piece makes a statement. Every statement is unique. You deserve to choose what that statement says about you as an individual.

Customized For You:

Let Angel's Divine Design help you make a bold and personal statement that will make the world sit up and take notice.

Start by choosing a fabulous design from Angel's wide selection. Then add the colors that speak to you. Choose a length that's a perfect fit, and then accessorize!

Inspiration comes from many places, including old and new jewelry designs. If you see a design you like, but can't afford, Angel is happy to create her own variation at a price you can more easily afford.



Jewelry makes a great personal gift. Choose your favorite design or create something new for Baptizms, Graduations, Birthdays, Anniversaries or those 'Just Because' holidays. Nothing says I love you, like a personalized piece of jewelry.



If you live in the Kansas City Metropolitan area and would like to host an in-home party and earn discounts on all your favorite jewelry, email Angel at         


The Jewelry:

Below are a few pictures of my display at a recent Fair.





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