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Justice Redeemed, a Heroes in Justice story

Old friends… New danger. Carl Reid finds an abandoned baby on his doorstep. Whose is it, and why leave the baby with him? It’s been thirteen years since Alison Beckett last saw Carl, but he’s the only one she trusts to keep her baby safe. With danger around every corner, Alison and Carl race against time to bring a criminal to justice.

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The Power of Love, a Heroes in Justice story

Keegan McLeod is finally ready to pop the question to longtime girlfriend Emily Jansen, but they have to survive the day first! Love conquers chemical spills, heart attacks and mass hysteria in this latest Heroes in Justice story.

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A Volunteer Christmas, a Heroes in Justice novella 

Justice, Missouri's newest resident, Trix Adler, can't wait to go home for Christmas. When the blizzard of the century closes the Maine airport only days before, Trix is faced with a very bleak Christmas. 

Firefighter Cam Krieger transferred to the Justice Fire Department a year ago to make a fresh start after his ex-girlfriend broke his heart and destroyed his Christmas spirit. He loves his job, but the holiday festivities are making life difficult. 

When mutual friend Kindall McLeod arranges for Trix and Cam to spend the week before Christmas volunteering for charities, they find that this Christmas could go from miserable to Merry.

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International Bestselling Novel!

Widowed Fire Investigator, Aidan McLeod is determined never to fall in love again. Serving his family and community is enough. School counselor and graphologist, Morgan Daryl inherited her Grandmother's farm. Ready for a fresh start, she leaves a tragic past behind to move to Justice, Missouri. An explosive fire at Morgan's school triggers a series of escalating fires throughout town. At each fire, the arsonist leaves a note. Can Morgan's graphology training help? As Aidan works to catch the arsonist, he struggles against a growing attraction to Morgan. Can Aidan learn to trust Morgan with the investigation and his heart? Aidan will have to decide soon, because Justice is burning and it's up to Aidan to stop it before someone ends up dead.

Dysfunction Junction took 8th place in the P&E Readers Poll for Best Romance novel published in 2013.
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"I'm twenty-six and I've never been kissed." Staring into the bathroom mirror while making this brilliant comment is supposed to make it feel real. It doesn't. Finding true love these days feels impossible to Kianna Ravencamp, only dysfunction surrounds her. Her sister is married to an abusive husband and marriages she's admired for years are falling apart. Maybe relationships like her parent's don't exist anymore. She dreams of true love and a family, but she's never even been kissed. For her birthday, her best friend gives her a journal and dares her to follow her dream of songwriting and vocal lessons quickly follow. Kianna's finally dared to dream big... if the three men in her life don't get in her way. Nick Steele, her new vocal partner is flirtatious and charming. Derek Simpson, the new vocal coach is asking her out for coffee. Even Jason Payne, a childhood friend is acting odd. For the first time in her life, she will have to navigate dating and flirtation. Will her inexperience be her downfall? How will these relationships affect her songwriting career? Letting go and trusting God is the only answer that brings the path to real love and success. Read a Sample of Dysfunction Junction by clicking HERE.




About the Book:
Elaine thought she had accepted her life as an adopted child. Now, on the verge of college graduation and her twenty-first birthday, she's not so sure. A recurring dream from her childhood has returned. Who is the old man in the dream and why does it seem so important to find him?
Despite her mother's pleas, Elaine begins a search that leads her from Boston, Massachusetts to Independence, Missouri.
Alone for the first time in her life, Elaine is faced with choices she wouldn't have imagined. What is she really searching for, and will she be willing to accept what she finds? Love, faith and family will all be tested as she searches for the Missing Pieces.
Reader's Comments:
"Thank you for sending the book so quickly. I have already started to read it. I've gotten to chapter 3 and I had tears in my eyes as I read it. It is a wonderful story. Congratulations! Looking forward to the next one. " Ruth Ellen Wade, Mountain Grove, MO
"I'm enjoying your book so much. I can't wait to finish my daily chores so I can get back to it. God bless." Wanda Burford, Independence, MO
"I just finished reading Missing Pieces! Yeah! It was wonderful! Great job April! I can't wait for the next book!" Amy Ragland, Oak Grove, MO

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