The Erwins

Creative Endeavors from the Heartland

Our Family Tree

Are you looking for Erwin ancestors? Think we might be related? We could be. There are hundreds of spellings recorded through history, yet we're all part of the same clan. Many people visit our site because of our name, not our talents. (We hope they enjoy those while they're here though.)

Visit our Family Tree and search for the missing link... er relative, take a gander in the photo albums and be sure to let us know if you're one of our kin. The tree is an ever expanding project, so expect to see changes as I find time to update it further.

For more information about the Erwin clan and it's illustrious history, visit the Clan Irwin Association. We're proud members of the C.I.A.

Drum Castle in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

The castle and its grounds were granted to William de Irwyn in 1325 by Robert the Bruce, and remained in the possession of Clan Irvine until 1975. Today, the castle is owned by the National Trust for Scotland

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