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Free To Fly's Radio Debut:

Shortly after completing Free to Fly, Erwin was invited to debut the song on 90.1 KKFI FM's Native Spirits program that aired live on Saturday afternoon. We were ecstatic! That day Angel and I, along with our friend Angela, headed downtown. Angela is a rising star in her own right, but came along as moral support. She even snapped a few pictures for us during the live interview.

We invited Duane Walking Turtle to participate as well, and we happily crowded the four of us into the small sound booth with host George Biswell. George was a great host and very welcoming. We couldn't have asked for a better debut for a song that is so close to our hearts.

Angel and April Erwin with Duane Walking Turtle at the KKFI Studios.


George Biswell, Host of KKFI's Native Spirits program.

The Interview:


Erwins perform at Englewood Theatre
By Sandy Turner

The newly renovated Englewood Theatre in Independence will host an evening of musical entertainment starring local talents Feb. 15.

At the age of 26, April Erwin, who will perform in the show, has already mastered more of her goals than most of us will reach in a lifetime.

Erwin and her sister Angel, along their mother Linda, are known as The Erwins and have sung, traveled, played and explored their lives together.

Their first album was released in 2001 called "The Erwins Acappella" which is a collection of hymns and old gospel camp songs.

"I remember when I was around 8-years-old we were going to perform at church but we couldn't find anyone to accompany us so we decided to just do it acappella." Erwin said. "We've been harmonizing ever since."

Vocal coach and owner of a local production company, Lesa Monet will lead her students through a two-hour show of music and dancing. The partnership between Monet and Englewood Theatre hopes to bring entertainment of the same caliber every two weeks for the public to enjoy. Tickets will be sold for $8 in advance and $10 at the door.

Along with her love for music, Erwin has another passion for writing and fulfilled this dream recently with the publishing of her book called "Missing Pieces".

The book is fiction but Erwin confesses she wrote about what has touched her life.

"The story is about a girl who was adopted and when she turns 21 she begins to seek out her real family." Erwin explains. "It's about how she came to know who she is, it's about her coming of age."

In real life, Erwin's parents over the course of her childhood adopted two children and took in more than 28 foster children.

"I became very familiar with kids searching for their real parents," Erwin said. Her parents standard of helping others in times of need passed on to Erwin as she herself recently helped a young mother as she took in her children while she regained financial independence.

In Erwin's' spare time she also has acquired an associate's degree in the Scientific Continental European method of Graphology (handwriting analysis).

"It's really just a hobby for me," Erwin says. "But sometimes it comes in handy when I'm contracting with someone. Handwriting can make or break a deal for me. It's pure science, there's no room for interpretation."

Also in Erwin's showcase of talents is photography as she spends part of her time shooting weddings and pictures for CD covers.

"I'm just a hobby girl," Erwin says of herself. "I think everybody has a gift and it's your responsibility to pursue it to the fullest extent."

The Erwin's Web site, tells more about the group, their CD and Erwin's book.

The show at the Englewood Theatre will feature love songs in honor of Valentine's Day. For more information call the theatre at (816) 252-2463.



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